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Niapa, Inc was a child of necessity borne out of collective desire to forge a closeness or network of friends and acquaintances made up of people of Nigerian heritage and their spouses

Naipa's Picnic

Niapa hold it's yearly Picnic, bringing every family together. This hold mostly during the summer.

Independent Day Celebration

Niapa holds it's independent day celebration every year 1st of October

Family Fun

It is great to pass Nigerian-American culture to future generation through value and support

Soup Kitchen

Soup Kitchen is an initiative for serving the community and supporting

Arts and Culture

Niapa organizes event for African Arts and cultural dramas atleast four times every year, members are always alerted about it.

Meeting Schedules

Every registered member in Niapa are allowed to host the meeting once every year at the convenience of their home.

Our Executive Members

Niapa executive members, please use the members page to view more members, supporters and sponsorer


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Welcome to Niapa Blog and Events Posts, Our Awesome activities and togetherness

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Quick Notice Board

Are you wondering of any information you can grab from here quickly, please see below is our notice board and upcoming events and schedules.

Event: Annual banquet/Nigeria 54th independence, Venue: The Days Hotel and Jetport 3400 Airport Road Allentown, PA 18109, Time: 5:00PM - 11:00PM

Upcoming events

Saturday July 23rd 2011

Together in the spirit of brotherhood in order to advance our socio-economic relevance within our host communities.

Quote of the Day

Niapa Quotes

Mayor John Callahan were among many attendees at NIAPA event. Addresses the members and empathized the importance of culture, collaboration, and community

Event Recognition

Bethlehem Mayor John

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NIAPA Vision - Education, Culture and Community. Use the form and contact details below to reach out to us.

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