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Successful organizations depend on feedback, whether it comes from customers, the public, your own employees or for your events. Thanks to feedback forms, you can gather information and use it to build a better working environment, increase the efficiency of your company, and provide more a valuable service. To ensure that you're getting proper feedback, you need a feedback form template that captures all relevant information. With a robust collection of feedback templates, you can either choose from one of our collection of feedback form samples or start with a basic feedback form. Using the Jotform form builder you can then format and fully customize your own feedback form. Try one of our free online feedback form templates today!

Peer Evaluation

Do you want to collect feedback about someone? With this peer feedback form template, you can eliminate paperwork and collect all your evaluations online. Peer to peer feedback form has questions about feedback for success in the job, person's strengths and weaknesses, person's collaborating with other team members. Also, you can write your feedback as a comment.

Presentation Feedback

Whether you just gave a presentation or were a viewer at a seminar, a presentation feedback form is a great way to collect constructive feedback. Customize the presentation feedback form template to include the presenters name, commentary fields and grading rubrics. Additionally, presentation feedback templates have access to Jotform's collection of themes, apps, and widgets to help user engagement. Use our presentation feedback form sample as a guide for creating your own, customizing it to fit your needs.

Employee Peer Review Template

Let employees evaluate their coworkers with this free, online peer review template. Customize to meet your needs. Easy to fill out and view on any device.

Group Project Feedback Form

Group Project Feedback Form is a detailed feedback form to gather the overall satisfaction level of the attendants.

Student Peer Evaluation Form

A student peer evaluation form is a tool used by teachers to collect feedback about students from their peers. No coding!

Presentation Peer Feedback Form

A presentation peer feedback form is used by students to give feedback on presentations that their peers have created in the classroom. Customize and share online.

SOS Peer Feedback

Feedback form

Feedback Session GLSS

Testing prototype

Distance Learning Feedback Form For Parents

Identify the areas where the school can improve on in terms of virtual classes by using this Distance Learning Feedback Form for Parents. This template can be embedded on any webpage or be accessed via the direct link.

Daycare Parent Survey

Get feedback about your daycare from parents. Free online survey template for daycares. Easy to customize and fill out. Works on any device. No coding.

Relax Kids Term Feedback Form

A feedback form that can be used to get testimonial at the end of a block of sessions.

Parent Roles And Responsibilities Survey

A Parent Roles and Responsibilities Survey is used by teachers to assess the skills and knowledge of a student’s parents. No coding.

Remote Learning Feedback VERSO

for remote learning edit card style

Parent Engagement Survey

A parent engagement survey is a questionnaire used by teachers to gauge the involvement of parents and guardians in their child’s education. Customizable and free.

After School Needs Assessment

An after school needs assessment form is a survey used by teachers and administrators to measure the educational needs of students after school. Customize and share.

Parenting Survey

Parent survey questions are survey questions asked to parents to understand the opinions, attitudes, perceptions, and points of view about topics that concern their children.

2020 End Of Year Program Feedback

J&J program feedback survey

Travel Satisfaction Survey

Travel Satisfaction Survey

Tour Feedback Form

Let the customer provide valuable information about their experiences during the tour by letting them fill out this Tour Feedback Form. This form template can be accessed on any device including tablets and mobile phones.

Travel Agency Feedback Form

Gather guest feedback online — for free! Customize and embed this survey without coding. Integrate with 130+ apps. Great for travel agencies, hotels, and more!

Hotel Feedback Form

Gather feedback from your guests on any device. Free online feedback form template. Easy to customize. No coding needed. Analyze results to improve your services.

Travel Planning Questionnaire Raffety Travel Group

Travel Planning info for clients

Participant Feedback Form

Planning a trip? This form allows you to leave your feedback afterwards. Ideal for tourists and adventurers that want to live their trace behind.

Travel Feedback Form

The Travel Feedback Form is a very simple and useful form that travel agency customers fill out and it collects travel agency and travel-related feedback. No code required!

Trip Evaluation Form

A trip evaluation form is a record of the services and dates for a trip, which is used to track project organizations. If you’re an event planner, the Trip Evaluation Form makes it easy to keep track of client feedback for your trips.

Tourist Feedback Form

The Tourist Feedback Form is a very basic and useful form to measure how satisfied tourists are with their travel experience. No code required!

Camp Volunteer Feedback Form

A camp volunteer feedback form is a questionnaire used by staff at camps to collect information from volunteers about their experience working at the organization.

Patient Feedback Form

A patient feedback form is a survey with questions that allows medical doctors to gather feedback from patients regarding their overall experience with the clinic.

Dental Customer Feedback Form

Form A Dental Customer Feedback Form is used by dentists to gather customer feedback regarding their experience. With a Dental Customer Feedback Form, you can collect customer feedback for your dental practice! Just customize the form fields to match your dental practice’s needs and use the free Jotform Mobile Forms app to collect responses even when you’re not in the office.

Hypnotherapy Session Feedback

A hypnotherapy session feedback form is a customer feedback survey that allows clients to review the services of a hypnotherapist. Collect feedback online with Jotform!

Home Care Feedback Form

Feedback for the care

Mental Health Awareness Feedback Form

A mental health awareness feedback form is used by medical professionals and practitioners to gather feedback from patients about their mental health. It may be used by psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, social workers, and a variety of other medical professionals.

Group Therapy Client Feedback Form

A group therapy client feedback form is a feedback survey that allows clients to review the services of a therapist working in a group therapy setting or clinic.

Energy Medicine Treatment Feedback Form

This form aims to collect feedback from customers about Healy Resonance treatments.

Student Healthcare Leaders (SHL) Feedback Form

Feedback form for students after completion of program

Session Assignment And Feedback Form (SAFF)

Therapy session assignment and feedback form

Teachers Assessment Form

Set your institutional standards using this Teacher Assessment Form Template. Get their strengths and weaknesses and help them improve their teaching practice. Get this template free form Jotform!

Classroom Walkthrough

Here is a classroom walkthrough template that can be used for quick classroom walkthroughs. These classroom walkthroughs can provide administrators chances to establish connections with the students along with helping them to give proper feedback to the teachers. There are many items on this classroom walkthrough checklist including the instructional strategies that the teacher uses, classroom activities observed, the length of the visit also with the option to leave additional comments. Use this classroom walkthrough form and start having effective classroom walkthroughs!

Parent Survey Coach Evaluation

Do you want to know how's the coach doing? You can get the correct feedback with coaching survey template. Coach evaluation form for parents has information about you and coach. Also, soccer club survey questions have different types of questions about coach such as honoring the game, redefined winner, emotional situation.

Teaching Session Feedback

A teaching session feedback form is an evaluation form used by trainers to get feedback from students. We have a free, customizable Teaching Session Feedback Form template to get you started!

Mentor Observation Form

Make this mentor observation form as your prime tool to help new teachers at school develop their skills in teaching especially in areas that would also help students learn their lessons. This observation form template would help mentors provide how teachers perform in each specific areas of teaching while in their class. In this teacher mentor observation forms, mentors would be able to provide scores to teachers on how effective they are in classroom management and instructions. This teacher mentor forms has an area where the assigned mentor can provide additional feedback to the teacher.

Mentor Evaluation Form

Quantify your mentors' qualitative skills with the help of this Mentor Evaluation Form Template. Get to see the challenges immediately that your mentor encounters and help them address their issues. Copy this template to your Jotform account and start receiving evaluations from mentees!