Leave Request Approval Template

Collect and manage leave requests from employees. Automate the approval flow. Send autoresponder emails based on approval status. No coding required.


Budget Approval Process Template

Create a budget approval flow for your company. Add approvers, automatically send emails, set up conditional logic, and more. Manage approvals on any device.


PPP Loan Approval Process Template

Process PPP loan applications seamlessly on any device. Approve or deny in one click. Send automated email responses. Set up notifications. No coding required.


New Hire Approval Process Template

Automate your hiring process for free. Add new members, create custom automated emails, use conditional logic, and more. Track and manage on any device.

Human Resources

Purchase Order Approval Template

Streamline purchase orders. Free automated approval template. Approve or deny purchase order requests fast. Assign approvers, add emails, and more. No coding.


Document Approval Process Template

Enjoy an automated online approval process. Review and approve documents within your company. Easy to customize, set up notifications, send emails, and more.

Project Management

Travel Expense Reimbursement Approval Template

Process travel expense requests from employees or volunteers. Easy-to-customize automated online approval flow. Send emails and notifications. Set up conditional logic.

Human Resources

Visitor Approval Process Template

Approve or deny visitor requests for your facility fast. Free automated approval flow template. Assign approvers via email. Send automated emails. No coding.


Business Trip Approval Template

Speed up your travel expense approval process. Approve, deny, and forward requests instantly on any device. Send emails automatically. Save time with automation.


Timesheet Approval Template

Review employee timesheets with ease. Set up an automatic timesheet approval flow for your company for free! Easy to customize. Fill out on any device.

Human Resources

Access Approval Process Template

Manage account access requests at your company. Free approval flow template for account managers. Add approvers, emails, steps, conditions, and more. No coding.


Volunteer Application Approval Process Template

Find volunteers for your organization fast. Get applications instantly. Automate your approval flow. Fully customizable. Mobile-friendly. No coding needed.


Client Approval Process Template

Seamlessly onboard new clients with an automated online approval flow. Free and easy to customize. Set up notifications, autoresponder emails, time limits, and more.


Design Approval Process Template

Manage approvals for your creative agency. Free automated approval flow template. Add project leads and clients as approvers. Send automated emails. No coding.


Restaurant Reservation Approval Process Template

Manage reservations for your restaurant with ease. Accept or deny requests from any device. Automatically send email responses to customers. Customize with no coding.


Contract Approval Process Template

Create an automated online contract approval process for your company. Add approval layers, send autoresponder emails, set up notifications, and more. Easy to customize.


Refund Request Approval Process Template

Manage refund requests from customers. Free automated approval flow template. Easy to customize. Assign approvers via email. Respond to tasks fast. No coding.


COVID-19 Return to Work Approval Process Template

Ensure your employees are healthy enough to return to the office. Free automated approval flow template. Easy to customize. Assign approvers via email. No coding.

Human Resources

Mileage Reimbursement Approval Template

Reimburse employees for business-related gas costs. Easy to customize. Collect and respond to requests on any device. Set up autoresponders, notifications, and more.


Signup Approval Process Template

Approve or reject signups through your website automatically. Free automated approval flow template. Easy to customize and assign. No coding required.


Rental Application Approval Process Template

Process rental requests from potential tenants online. Great for letting agencies and landlords. Automate your approval flow. Easy to customize. No coding required.


HOA Approval Process Template

Simplify requests for your homeowners association. Free automated approval flow template for HOAs. Easy to add approvers, automated emails, conditions, and more.


Vendor Approval Process Template

Get vendor applications for your next event. Automate the approval process. Send confirmation or rejection emails automatically. Easy to customize. No coding.


CapEx Approval Process Template

Streamline capital expenditure requests at your company. Free automated approval flow template for finance teams. Add approvers, emails, conditions, and more.