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Online registration forms make it easy to plan your next event such as conferences, workshops or classes. Get started by editing a sample registration template, then send an email to your list and watch the RSVPs pile up! Jotform also lets your customers fill out the registration form from any smartphone, tablet or computer. Our registration templates are pretty simple to edit. Please note that you can integrate with payment processors to collect event fees as well. You can start by simply creating a basic registration form or you can choose from any of our shared registration form template examples below. Once you have picked the registration template for you, use our form builder to fully format and customize your registration form to fit your needs. Try a free online registration form templates today!

Hotel Guest Registration Form

Conveniently receive guest reservations for your hotel or apartment online. Use this Hotel Guest Registration Form Template, embed it on a website or share it via social media and accept reservations 24/7 hassle free!

Guest Registration Form

This guest registration form template allows you to run a bed and breakfast, or small scale hotel company. All you need is a guest registration form that collects all of the information you need from your guests and customers. They select which room they are interested, the dates of their stay, preferences and more. This template, just like all of Jotform’s thousands of templates, is completely customizable and free to use. If you’d like guests to pay for their stay online, integrate your form with the payment processor of your choice to make the checkout experience a breeze.

Simple Guest List Form

Are you searching for a guest list form? You can use this guest list template. This guest list form is an easy to use and simple form that registers guest list and gathers information. You can collect name, email address and contact number by using this guest registry template.

Open House Guest Registration Form

Real estate agents can seamlessly collect open house requests with this free Open House Guest Registration Form. Embed on your website to collect leads fast.

Guest House Registration Form

Register new guest houses for your booking website. Customize this free Guest House Registration Form to collect proprietor and property information online.

Moya Guest Registration Form

Moya Guest Registration

STR Guest Registration Request Form

Have your guest register their guests using this link. Require they upload a copy of their ID and agree to the house rules.

Car Race Registration Form

Capture the information of your participants in an organized manner using this Car Race Registration Form. This wonderful form template will definitely impress your participants, sponsors, and visitors.

Road Race Registration Form

Operate your road race event smoothly by using this Road Race Registration Form template. Using this well-designed form template will definitely increase the number of participants in your road race event.

5K Sign Up Form

Improve the registration process of a 5K Run event by using this 5K Sign Up Form Template. The event organizer will surely benefit from this online form because of its stability and functionality.

Marathon Registration Form

A marathon registration form is used to collect information from participants in a marathon.

Junior Cricket League Entry Form

The template allows crickets clubs to register a league, providing their contact information, team names and related managers, the type of leagues they want to enter, select match date preferences and share their comments.

Swimming Race Registration Form

Reduce the time in managing and organizing a sign-up process in a race event by using this Swimming Race Registration Form. Using this form, you'll surely increase the reliability of capturing data and user engagement.

Career History Form

Here is a job application form that provides your candidates with all the necessary information they need regarding your company, your expectations, and the application process and gathers your applicants' personal and contact information, experiences, educational background, skills and further details.

Swimming Competition Entry Form

Swimming Competition Entry Form

Exam Sign Up Form

A simple sign up form for an exam

Summer Competition Entry Form

Here is a competition entry form in a summer carnival event that allows the entrants to choose the events they would like to perform and collect their consent to the terms and conditions.

Responsive Workshop Registration Form

Mobile-optimized Responsive Registration Form designed with a clear header that allows providing a short description of the workshop content, collects primary contact details, allows to make suggestions and add further comments.

Virtual Workshop Registration Form

Capture more participants to attend your virtual workshop by using this Virtual Workshop Registration Form. You can easily use this template and customize it here in Jotform.

PayJunction Workshop Registration Form

PayJunction Workshop Registration Form

Cooking WorkShop Registration Form PayPal Standard

Cooking WorkShop Registration Form PayPal Standard

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For those of you who attended- Mess To Message Webinar

Art Workshop Registration Form WorldPay UK Payment Form

Collect registration and material fees from attendees with Worldpay UK, the U.K’s leading payment provider.

Workshop Application Form

A Workshop Application Form collecting applicant personal and contact details with their current employment status and their expectations from the workshop.

Workshop Attendance Form

Take attendance for your next workshop online. Free attendance form template for workshops. Easy to customize, embed, and fill out on any device. No coding.

Art Workshop Registration Form

An art workshop registration form is used by shops, schools, and arts organizations to enroll people in art-related courses or workshops.

Dance Registration Form

The Dance Registration Form, applicable to register a course, academy, or to enter a contest, or a festival, allows collecting registrant personal/contact information, asks to select a dance category and provide comments if any.

Dance Competition Registration Form

The Dance Competition Registration Form provides you with the capability to collect registrations online with the related contestant personal and contact details, dance school name, solo age category, and solo division.

Dance Classes Registration

An online dance classes registration form is used to track the class registrations and manage reservations through a dance studio’s website.

Enrolment Form Dance

Enrolment form for dance school

Studio A Dance Center Registration Form

New online registration form. Please complete all areas. You will receive a separate email with class times available for your student.

Summer Dance Camp Application Form

Customize and embed this free Summer Dance Camp Application Form in your website to process summer camp applications online. Accept fee payments by card.

Hiphop Dance Registration Form

This asks names of each members in the crew and their managers information. Registrants should accept the terms and conditions to complete the registration.

Online Dance Class Registration Form

Increase the number of participants who want to learn how to dance by using this Online Dance Class Registration Form. This form template is simple, complete, and easy to use.

Student Registration Form For Ballet In The Bay

Form to fill out for registration and payment for 2020 ballet in the bay

Innovation Drama Academy TERM 1 REGISTRATION

IDA Acting Dance Class Registration form

Festival Volunteer Registration Form

If you are looking for volunteers for an event you can use this template to get volunteer registrations, collect their personal/contact information, ask their available slots, understand their interest areas and special talents.

Volunteer Candidate Registration Form

Collect volunteer registrations online with our free Volunteer Candidate Registration Form. Easy to customize and embed. Great for nonprofits or charities!

Volunteer Registration Form

A volunteer registration form is used by organizations to sign up volunteers for specific events or projects.

Volunteer Signup Form

Organize and manage participant details for projects and tasks.

Cleanup Volunteer Registration Form

A cleanup volunteer registration form is a tool used by volunteer organizations to recruit volunteers for cleanup projects. Easy to use. No coding.

COVID 19 2020 Volunteer Registration Form

A 2020 volunteer registration form is used by medical organizations to collect information from volunteers about their interest in serving on the COVID-19 2020 Volunteer Team. No coding.

Event Volunteer Registration Form

Event Volunteer Registration Form