Women History Month

Women History Month @ City Hall

About WHMC

Vision: An annual event that gathers women of all persuasions, age and outlook to shine light in dark places, raise bars that are lopsided or low, move barriers that impede and fill in chasms that divide; using our spoken words, our unity in diversity, our gifts, talents, capabilities and capacities to bring about the unending beauty of a “living positive change” that empowers all women domestic and international and the people that believe in them!

Mission: To gather women into the manifest power of partnership, friendship, love and unity that our common thread of womanhood bestows on us. We will do this by gathering to speak, to act, to initiate and to lead. We will use this gathering each year and in-between to introduce ourselves to the voices, activities, and challenges of our women-neighbours and lend an ear to hear and a hand to help and a heart to heal. We will always strive to create a platform that allows each one a springboard to the activities and life she is most gifted for. 

Our Women’s History Month Celebration Committee (WHMC) a social-conscience group led the event founder Ngozi Bell was inaugurated in 2017 and hosted the first Women’s History Month Event in partnership with the Allentown City Hall

WHMC and Women’s History Month Event @ City Hall is supported by NIAPA a 501c3 Non Profit immigrant community focused on education, socio-economic enablement, youth and women development; headquartered in Pennsylvania

Mayor Raymond O’Connell, Mayor of Allentown will be opening the event, speaking and presenting awards alongside other government officials and sponsors! 
Event Founder and Contact: Ngozi Bell – 610-737-5598, Ngozi_bell@yahoo.com, Ngozi.bell@gmail.com
The 2019 Women’s History Month Event @City Hall 
2019 Theme is Rising Together – The Common Call for our Response Resolve and Radiance! 
2019 Event Day Details
Theme: Rising Together – The Common Call for our Response Resolve and Radiance!
Date: March 23, 2019, @City Hall (Council Chambers)
Time: 1PM – 6PM
Address: 435 Hamilton St, Allentown, PA 18101
Doors Open at 1 PM for Networking and Refreshments, Formal part of the event starts promptly at 2 pm
Come for the opportunity and stay for the people!
Everyone is invited! young and mature, women and men, girls and boys!


Participants are invited to park in the 4th & Hamilton Government Deck, just behind City Hall. The 4th Floor/4th Level of the parking deck leads to the corridor that brings you (sheltered) directly to City Hall.
Saturday parking fees: $8 max for the day. $1 per hour.
On-street meter parking is on for Saturday, all attendees will want to use the parking deck to avoid running out of time and getting a ticket.
Women’s History Month Event @City Hall Awards:
Every Year the Women’s History Month Event @ City Hall Choose amazing people to honour, nominated by peers, many unknown, hidden gems that make our world better. We look forward to meeting them and telling them we are proud of the work they do!
2018 Awardees Dr Ethel Drayton-Craig, Perla Lopez Baray, Dr Vasu Singh
2019 Awardees will be named at the event on March 23 2019


Award Definitions:

Gatherer’s Award: 

The “Gatherer’s Award” is given to a woman who successfully gathers (people, ideas, opportunities etc) and brings together all that enables the manifestation of the power of purpose, partnership, friendship, love and unity using the common thread of self-leadership, discipline, Passion, and expertise! 

Living Positive Change Award:

The “Living Positive Change Award” is given to a woman/young adult or girl who successfully shines light in dark places, raises bars that are lopsided or low, moves barriers that impede, opens doors that are closed and fills in chasms that divide; by using her gifts, talents, capabilities, and capacity to bring about the unending beauty of empowering other women

Unity in Diversity Community Awardee: 

The “Unity in Diversity Community Award” is given to a woman, young adult or girl in the community who uniquely strives to create a platform that supports and springboards the success of others. A woman who is apt in working on the issues that enhance the well being of others irrespective of gender, race or origin. 
2019 flyer : 
2018 flyer :