We, Nigerian by birth, Naturalization and uxorial relationships, residing in the United States
of America, conscious of our common national heritage, realizing the importance of unity
and economic cooperation as the tools to economic development and empowerment of the
individual and of the group in our country of birth and here in the Diaspora, hereby resolved
to pool our human talents, and resources with which the almighty God endowed us.
To demonstrate and celebrate the essence of our unity in diversity, we hereby resolved to stand
together in the spirit of brotherhood in order to advance our socio-economic relevance within our host
communities. This organization shall be a beacon of hope and possibilities; will strengthen bonds of
friendships, fellowship, and brotherhood; and shall promote a sense of community among all members,
guided at all times by fairness, equity, and excellence. In this spirit, we hereby enact the following
constitution and by-laws to guide the affairs of our organization.

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